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Car Key Replacement

car keys made port saint lucie florida

There is nothing quite as beautiful as walking along the beach in Port Saint Lucie, but to be stuck in the sweltering heat on an asphalt road nearby because the keys disappeared in the sand is not so nice. In times like this it is important to know that getting Port Saint Lucie car keys replaced is easier than you think.

772 Locksmith has been helping Port St. Lucie residents avoid the embarrassment and aggravation of being locked out of their vehicles since 2010. They have the know­how and the technology to repair or replace transponder keys or laser cut keys and can also reprogram the car’s computer to accept a new key in certain makes and models.

Port Saint Lucie Car Keys Made

Port Saint Lucie Car Keys made from scratch involves a little more than it used to. With the evolution of keys from simple metal templates to the modern key that contains a microchip that communicates with your car’s computer, locksmiths have had to evolve as well. We have the technology to design a key from scratch and program it to sync with your car’s computer.

Port Saint Lucie Car Keys Replaced

Of course we still have the standard laser­cut machine to deal with those times you need to have your Port Saint Lucie Car Keys replaced or duplicated. As a mobile service we come to you anywhere in the Port Lucie area.

Port Saint Lucie Car Keys Repaired

Over time and use your key weakens along the shaft. This can lead to your key breaking while in the ignition or door lock. If this happens, 772 Locksmith is equipped to assist in removing and replacing the key. We can also help you avoid the problem in the future by providing extra copies.

Reprogramming Keys

The modern vehicle requires locksmiths to use more technologically advanced tools for replacing and repairing your Port Lucie electronic car keys. Most vehicles utilize electronic door locks and some require communication between the key and the car’s computer just to start the engine. With electronics come the occasional glitch. 772 Locksmith can help you reprogram your key and fix most technical malfunctions.

772 Locksmith’s professional locksmiths can help you whether you need car keys made from scratch, duplicated, replaced or repaired. Enjoy the beauty of Port Saint Lucie without the worry of being locked out of your vehicle.